Matt Gudinski


Immersed in the industry at birth, the son of iconic Mushroom Group founder Michael Gudinski and the Godfather of Aussie music.

Matt joined the family business at just 17 years of age in 2003 and has been immersed in all aspects of the Mushroom Group, further developing and evolving its label and live divisions while overseeing change in music publishing and artist management amongst many other things. Matt has driven Mushroom’s evolution, diversification and vision to be a global leader in entertainment. Formed in 1972, the Mushroom Group has grown to an iconic independent force spanning six pillars of services in entertainment.

Mushroom is proud to have a long history of gender balance within our workforce and females in senior positions. We have also partnered with some of the most influential Indigenous artists from our early years when we were proud to be the home of trailblazing acts like Archie Roach and Yothu Yindi. This is a legacy that we are committed to upholding throughout future generations and our connection with the Indigenous community is an ongoing major focus for Mushroom.

Matt Gudinski is Chief Executive of the Mushroom Group. He stepped into the role in 2021 after two decades working in various roles within Australia’s leading music and entertainment collective. Matt is committed to driving the Group’s evolution, further diversification and global expansion while remaining true to its roots.

Given Matt’s background, it should come as no surprise that he is also determined to honour the Group’s esteemed history and DNA. Immersed in the industry since birth, Matt is the son of iconic Mushroom Group founder Michael Gudinski, the person often referred to as the most influential figure in Australian music history.

Surrounded by the ongoings of Mushroom since his earliest childhood memories, Matt effectively grew up at Mushroom’s famed Dundas Lane headquarters and out on tour. After years out on his own promoting underage club nights and concerts as a young teenager, he officially joined the family business in 2003 at the age of 17. At this point, Matt carved out his own successful imprints within the label and live divisions where he also introduced the next generation of Mushroom staff. During this period Matt began to build a reputation as a savvy operator and boundary-pusher.

A decade later in 2013, Matt became the Mushroom Group’s Executive Director and was unveiled as Michael’s eventual successor. In that role, Matt really began pushing for the evolution of the Group that he now continues driving as Chief Executive. During his tenure as Executive Director, Matt and Michael worked side-by-side at the helm, overseeing operations of two dozen companies across six key divisions. Matt and Michael shared the same collective passion and values – an artist-first mentality, the importance of great people and owning the position of leaders within the industry. This period was integral in further cementing Mushroom as the region’s leading music and entertainment business, ultimately laying the groundwork for Matt’s current position as the Group’s Chief Executive.

With Mushroom currently in its strongest position to date (no mean feat after 50 years), the future of one of the world’s great entertainment collectives is in safe hands.



Music was in Michael Gudinski’s blood. Born 22 August 1952 to Russian immigrant parents, Gudinski is widely recognised as the most powerful and influential figure in the history of the Australian music industry.

Since the Group’s inception in ‘72 when a young Michael Gudinski formed Mushroom Records and Mushroom Music Publishing, Mushroom has grown to an iconic independent force spanning six pillars of services in entertainment. Unparalleled in creating culture, the passion for industry, people and progress is the driving force.

Mushroom Group acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.