Matt Gudinski
Matt Gudinski + Michael Gudinski

Not one to be overshadowed by his surname, Matt Gudinski has certainly carved his own lane in the region’s industry.

The son of famed entrepreneur Michael Gudinski, founder of the iconic Mushroom Group, Matt now sits aside his father at the helm of the Australia and New Zealand’s biggest independent music and entertainment collective.

In his role as Executive Director of the Group (a position he has held since 2013), Matt Gudinski is responsible for overseeing strategy and operations across almost two dozen subsidiary brands and hundreds of staff.

Consumed by the industry since birth, Matt joined the Mushroom Group straight out of high school in 2003 with the formation of his own touring imprint, Illusive Presents. Since then, Matt’s fledgling subsidiary has blossomed into its own juggernaut, promoting dozens of tours each year which include the likes of Drake, Bruno Mars and A$AP Rocky to name just a few.

Simultaneously, Matt became involved with the recording side of the industry which saw him creating new label imprints under the Mushroom Group umbrella. Matt’s struck gold with the signing of up-and-coming hip-hop group Bliss n Eso in 2006 (whom he also co-manages), who have since gone on to become one of the most successful Australian acts of their generation, breaking multiple records along the way.

While he oversees each one of Mushroom’s subsidiaries, Matt is most heavily involved day-to-day in the label group and touring companies. In 2016, he launched the Group’s first dedicated management arm, Role Model Artists, which he is involved in as Director and as an artist manager himself.

With the Mushroom Group midway through its fourth decade and in its strongest position to date, the future is certainly bright for the most iconic names in Australian music – Mushroom and Gudinski.