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About Us

The Mushroom Group is one of the world’s most iconic music and entertainment collectives, consisting of more than two dozen specialist companies across six divisions and who are each leaders in their own right across the music, entertainment and creative industries.

Founded in 1972 by a young Michael Gudinski, the Group began life with the formation of Mushroom Records and Mushroom Music Publishing. The Mushroom Group now incorporates international and domestic touring, booking agencies, artist and talent management, record labels, music publishing, merchandising, creative and marketing services, venues, exhibition and event production, film and podcast production and more – there is almost no end to what the Mushroom Group is involved in and can offer.

One unique characteristic of Mushroom and a fundamental part of our ongoing success is our operating ethos and focus on the individuality and independence of each company. This grants each company and its people total freedom of operation whilst still benefiting from the collective strength of the Mushroom Group.

The Mushroom Group is a family-orientated company, and that family includes our artists, staff and partners. Mushroom is called home to more than 200 of the world’s most experienced, creative and passionate people; working closely with thousands of artists and organisations worldwide – year in, year out. We now have offices in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America and a footprint that extends across the globe. These are just some of the reasons that make Mushroom unparalleled in entertainment.

Music was in Michael Gudinski’s blood. Often referred to by those in the know as the Godfather of Aussie music, he is widely recognised in his life as the most powerful and influential figure in the Australian music industry.

As Chairman of the Mushroom Group – the largest independent music and entertainment company in Australia and New Zealand, home to Frontier Touring, Chugg Entertainment, eight record labels and over two dozen other specialist divisions – Gudinski’s clout was undeniable. Born and raised in Melbourne, Gudinski’s multi-faceted business and proud advocacy for artists created an empire. His passion for music was legendary. Voted #1 in The Music’s ‘Power 50’ list in 2020, it was his fifth time at the top spot since its inception in 2012… All this, despite not being able to play a single note – music legend Jimmy Barnes once telling his friend to “not even sing in the shower”.

The founding patron of the Australian Music Vault (a free and innovative permanent exhibition celebrating the story of Australian contemporary music) – launched in 2017 in partnership with ARIA, the Victorian Government and located in Arts Centre Melbourne. Michael Gudinski worked with enormous enthusiasm across all facets of his companies and was frequently seen trekking from pub gigs to arena and stadium spectaculars in Australia and abroad, looking for the next big thing to promote – be it through his record labels, touring companies, agencies or publishing arm.

A trailblazer, a pioneer, a true titan. Michael’s achievements are endless, the connections and trust that were garnered of decades of dedication from the industry and the audience were evidence, that he was truly one-of-a-kind. His legacy, and his love and passion for music and people is the very essence and embodiment of Mushroom Group.

Sadly, Michael Solomon Gudinski passed away peacefully in his sleep at home at age 68, on 02 March 2021.

Matt Gudinski is Chief Executive of the Mushroom Group.

Matt is the Chief Executive of the Mushroom Group. He stepped into the role in 2021 after two decades working in various roles within Australia’s leading music and entertainment collective. Matt is committed to driving the Group’s evolution, further diversification and global expansion while remaining true to its roots.

Given Matt’s background, it should come as no surprise that he is also determined to honour the Group’s esteemed history and DNA. Immersed in the industry since birth, Matt is the son of iconic Mushroom Group founder Michael Gudinski, the person often referred to as the most influential figure in Australian music history.

Surrounded by the ongoings of Mushroom since his earliest childhood memories, Matt effectively grew up at Mushroom’s famed Dundas Lane headquarters and out on tour. After years out on his own promoting underage club nights and concerts as a young teenager, he officially joined the family business in 2003 at the age of 17. At this point, Matt carved out his own imprints within the label and live divisions where he spent the following years building his reputation as a savvy operator and boundary-pusher. Matt’s passion helped re-energise the Group, and in the proceeding years Matt surrounded himself with the next generation of team members.

A decade later in 2013, Matt became the Mushroom Group’s Executive Director and was unveiled as Michael’s eventual successor. In that role, Matt really began pushing for the evolution of the Group that he now continues driving as Chief Executive. During his tenure as Executive Director, Matt and Michael worked side-by-side at the helm, overseeing operations of two dozen companies across six key divisions. Matt and Michael shared the same collective passion and values – an artist-first mentality, the importance of great people and owning the position of leaders within the industry. This period was integral in further cementing Mushroom as the region’s leading music and entertainment business, ultimately setting Matt up for his forthcoming new position.

With Mushroom currently in its strongest position to date (no mean feat after 50 years), the future of one of the world’s great entertainment collectives is in safe hands.


Social responsibility has been embedded in Mushroom’s DNA since day one when Michael Gudinski fought for cheaper ticket pricing for shows he promoted. It’s something that we take very seriously and we are conscious of the role we play in the greater community as an influential player in both the local and global entertainment industries. We have policies in place and separate internal committees focused on social responsibility, representation, and the environment.

Mushroom is proud to have a long history of gender balance within our workforce and females in senior positions. We have also partnered with some of the most influential Indigenous artists from our early years when we were proud to be the home of trailblazing acts like Archie Roach and Yothu Yindi. This is a legacy that we are committed to upholding throughout future generations and our connection with the Indigenous community is an ongoing major focus for Mushroom.

Over the years, Mushroom has been behind a number of prominent fundraising projects including projects like Sound Relief and Music From the Home Front. We are regular supporters of a number of amazing third party initiatives like Support Act and the Australian Women in Music Awards.

We acknowledge that there is always room to do better and we are constantly challenging ourselves to learn and evolve.


Mushroom has a dedicated division working hand-in-hand with Government and Community Partners to deliver meaningful and influential messaging programs designed to foster positive change in the community.

Voice For Change

Voice For Change addresses issues affecting young people today and seeks to inspire disenfranchised youth and youth at risk to follow their dreams and ambitions. Voice For Change is about community, connectivity and inclusion, and harnesses the power of music to positively influence lives through advocates and mentors sharing their journey, challenges and inspirations.

On Track

Is a school holiday music program designed to keep high school students engaged and connected via an educational, collaborative and creative activation in key community locations across Melbourne. On Track provides students a rare opportunity to learn the craft of song writing, recording, video making, performance and more, whilst working with artists and industry specialists.

Brand YOU

Addressing significant societal issues impacting the lives of girls and young women today, Brand YOU brought together the powerful voices of female musicians Alice Ivy, Isabella Manfredi, D’Arcy Spiller, Thando, Gordi and Amy Dowdle (Lastlings) along with professional women in the music industry to share positive messages and personal experiences on topics such as cyber-bullying, body image and social media responsibility.



To speak directly to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and resonate with CALD Youth, influential ‘trusted messengers’ like Majak Daw, Thando, Soli Tesema, Françoistunes, Queen P and Jaydean created captivating COVIDSafe messaging content and a collaborative self-recorded music track for their social media audiences to support ‘COVID Safe Summer’ protocols.

Mushroom Group acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.